Meet revolutionary design

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Meet revolutionary design

10+ stunning colors

Choose from a palette of ten vivid colours available in glossy and matte finish.

ola scooter anthracite
ola scooter orange
ola scooter coral red
ola scooter marshmello yellow
ola scooter millenial pink
ola scooter jet black
ola scooter liquid silver
ola scooter porclain white
ola scooter neo blue
ola scooter matte black
ola scooter midnight blue

Large boot space

The Ola S1 comes with 36L of generous boot space. Helmets or a week’s groceries, it fits right in

Iconic headlamp

Distinguishing personality that shines through your ride throughout the day and night

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Excellence above all elseEvery curve, stitch, bolt, bracket and more is subjected to the highest level of scrutiny
ola scooter indicator
Fluid Design
ola scooter superiror alloy wheels
Superior alloy wheels
ola scooter side design
Monocolored Panels
ola scooter front wheel
Enclosed suspension

Design for the win!

Bestowed with the German Design Award 2020, the Ola Scooter rides high on global recognition for innovation, sustainability and excellence in design.

german design award iconihs market icon
Sit back and relaxWith a robust grab rail for safety, a side step and sculpted seating - pillion riders will love how comfortable their ride will be.
scooter tail lamp
Grab rail
scooters foot stand
Side Step
scooters seat cover design
Sculpted Seat

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Beware of fake revolutionaries!

We do not have any dealerships. If you are approached by any person or organisation(s) claiming to sell our revolutionary Ola Scooter through any website / phone call / poster / social media post / whatsapp forward, we urge you to inform the local police and / or report it to

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