Tested to perfection

At Ola, we conduct a series of rigorous tests that push every scooter to the absolute limit because when you’re building the world’s best scooter, safety never stops.
Tested in large numbers
Over 750 scooters tested
They say practice makes perfect, which is why we’ve tested over 750 scooters across a series of mechanical, electrical and safety tests.
By 500+ Engineers and riders
Our engineers at Ola take your safety very seriously, and conduct over 200 tests across thousands of data points to deliver the safest riding experience.
From Kanyakumari to Ladakh
Tested across the country
Our scooters have been tested in 200+ Indian cities across various terrains and trails. They’ve delivered exceptional performance and responsiveness to whatever the country has thrown at them.
Kilometers Driven

Heavy duty testing

As quick as the Ola S1 is, it’s also equally durable and tough. The exterior body is put through several impact and drop tests to measure the stress on the vehicle.
5000+ data points tested across
200+ components
All weather tested
In temperatures as high as 50°C
The Ola S1 goes through continuous stress tests in the deserts of Rajasthan, and yet manages to stay cool.
And as low as -10°C
We’ve even pushed the boundaries of the Ola S1 in Manali, riding through frigid temperatures and tricky road conditions.
Tested with 3,000+ owners
Our latest MoveOS 3 update was beta tested for bugs by our beloved Ola community, and the response was fabulous!
Come rain or shine
The Ola battery comes with an IP67 rating that makes it dustproof and waterproof, so even in the extreme case of flooded roads, you have nothing to worry about!
A big, bold battery
Battery Management System
Our proprietary BMS has 24 sensors that work around the clock to monitor every cell and can immediately detect any issues, in order to keep your scooter safe.
Advanced Wire Bonding
We use an innovative cold wire bonding process to fuse the wires to the cells, and are the only 2W EV brand to do so.
Battery Thermal Test
Our battery pack is subjected to a series of thermal tests, including a direct flamethrower test!

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Beware of fake revolutionaries!

We do not have any dealerships. If you are approached by any person or organisation(s) claiming to sell our revolutionary Ola Scooter through any website / phone call / poster / social media post / whatsapp forward, we urge you to inform the local police and / or report it to legal@olaelectric.com.

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