Make the smart choice

ola scooter in charging

Seamless home charging

A portable charger that plugs straight into a regular 5 Amp socket

Charge on the go

We're building the World's largest Hypercharger network - charge your Ola S1 no matter where you are

Be immune to rising fuel costs

Go up to 1 km in just 17 paise on S1

50% less total cost of ownership

Ride more and save more on fuel prices, servicing and maintenance costs.
Based on average electricity and fuel prices in India as on Aug 15, 2022
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Stay up to date

Stay up to date


Beware of fake revolutionaries!

We do not have any dealerships. If you are approached by any person or organisation(s) claiming to sell our revolutionary Ola Scooter through any website / phone call / poster / social media post / whatsapp forward, we urge you to inform the local police and / or report it to

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